This quote resonates with me because I feel courage is not a simple decision. Like love, true courage takes full commitment and faces a large risk of failure.

Also much like love (or any worthwhile relationship for that matter), courage only maintains with the fuel you provide.  It’s not an eternal flame.  Just because you were courageous once, doesn’t mean you are forever. You must step off the ledge again and again. It brings to mind the Daniel Saint poem:

“If you wish to be a warrior, prepare to be broken.

If you wish to be an explorer, prepare to get lost.

And if you wish to be a lover, prepare to be both.”

The word “courage” is thrown around a lot these days, and though I don’t necessarily believe an act of courage has to occur within arm’s reach of the Reaper, it does share one final parallel with true love:

it's rare.

Rough Road Ahead


Shortly after leaving the parking lot on today's mission, Michael and I passed a “questionably conditioned” individual. Seeing me pushing the stroller, he gave me the unsolicited advice that I should probably turn around because the road up ahead was “rough”. I thanked him for his concern but my mind (and probably my facial expression) said, “What kind of example would I be setting for my son if I turned around every time the road got rough?

Discretion can be the better part of valor (I don’t take unnecessary risks with an infant), but coddling minds & spirits robs us of the opportunity for growth.

Zen Buddhism teaches that life is beautiful, but it is also suffering. Ali G teaches that, “If videogames have taught us anything, it's that when you encounter enemies, you're headed in the right direction.”

Don't let a few bumps in the road steal your prize.


Baby “Prowler”+ vest+ sandbag (in case of flooding). We turned around when the trail ended, not when it got “rough”. Even found some green grass.

Death Metal Poet’s Society: What’s the meaning of this madness?

Hunter S. knew it was a one-way trip….

The purpose of the Death Metal Poet’s Society is to create a blog-like platform for my future writing—both fiction and nonfiction, photos/artwork, humor, and certainly a few angry rants.

Looking for HERO DOGS?  The link on the menu above will take you to it, or . . .ah, hell, I’ll just give you the link right here, you lazy assholes. 

Although HERO DOGS will always be my baby, this blog will be more of my personal musings than updates to the story.  That said, there will certainly be a good number of dog-centric posts and maybe even a few bonus chapters.

Bottomline: take what you like; leave the rest.  Have your tickets available and enjoy the ride…