Rough Road Ahead


Shortly after leaving the parking lot on today's mission, Michael and I passed a “questionably conditioned” individual. Seeing me pushing the stroller, he gave me the unsolicited advice that I should probably turn around because the road up ahead was “rough”. I thanked him for his concern but my mind (and probably my facial expression) said, “What kind of example would I be setting for my son if I turned around every time the road got rough?

Discretion can be the better part of valor (I don’t take unnecessary risks with an infant), but coddling minds & spirits robs us of the opportunity for growth.

Zen Buddhism teaches that life is beautiful, but it is also suffering. Ali G teaches that, “If videogames have taught us anything, it's that when you encounter enemies, you're headed in the right direction.”

Don't let a few bumps in the road steal your prize.


Baby “Prowler”+ vest+ sandbag (in case of flooding). We turned around when the trail ended, not when it got “rough”. Even found some green grass.

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